A warm welcome to an awesome new year at Little Red Hen International Pre-School

Classes begin-2015-16-Little Red-Hen International Pre-School Kothanur

Dear Families,

Welcome to Little Red Hen International Pre-School! Welcome to another awesome school year filled with excitement, adventure and learning.

The first day of school is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious the first day of school. For this, exciting activities have been planned for children to have a smooth transition and adjust to school environment.

Easy Tips to prepare your child for the First Day of school :


Tell your child it is okay to be afraid but there is an adult to always help her/him. Promise your child that you will come back within few hours to pick her/him back


When it is time to drop off, keep your good byes short and simple. Even if your child is crying hysterically she will likely only cry for a few minutes once you are out of sight. Overcoming separation anxiety and adjusting to school environment will be gradual, so please don’t lose heart and be very patient.

The Backpack Checklist :

A Water bottle (labeled)
A small hand towel
An extra pair of clothes
An over-sized T-shirt for art work ( this will be kept back in school)
School Journal

We strongly believe that family and teachers must form a close alliance for the benefit of each child in the school.

Reach Out to Us

Please communicate with us through the school journal, or email us at office@littleredhen.in or call us at 9886478800 / 080-228443778.

Stay Updated

Our Monthly Newsletter with a list of skills and activities scheduled for each month including upcoming events and holidays, will be send to your mail box as well as through the School Journal. You could also Follow Little Red Hen on Facebook, Twitter and through its Founder’s Blog (Because I am Your Mother) for updates.

Thank you for showing faith in our school to entrust your precious one in our care. We promise to nurture your child in a positive, safe, hygienic, learning-enabled environment .

For the Little Red Hen Team,

Smitha Srihari
Little Red Hen International Pre-School


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