About Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen Pre-School-Kothanur-Bangalore NorthThe Little Red Hen Pre-School aim to create a unique environment for learning and play using the principles of the British Early Foundation Years, a very structured program that gives good measure of progress yet allows for flexibility and innovativeness in teaching.

The vision of the Little Red Hen is to make the young in its care , confident wholesome individuals. The young little boys and girls that will leave the preschool, will be guided to believe in themselves which is the first and single step to success. Confidence and a sense of worth in little ones is the product of a caring and secure environment and the atmosphere and ethos of the school reflects the above in great measure. The process of teaching is distinctive and planned using international resources from qualified authorized institutions.

The Little Red Hen preschool appreciates the need for stimulation at these important and critical formative years and plans its program accordingly. The strategies for teaching have been designed by a panel of psychologists and highly qualified educators with experience in International curricula.

At Little Red Hen we endeavor:

  • To accept and recognize the distinct qualities in each child.
  • To provide a safe secure caring environment that supports learning.
  • To stimulate enough so that the child is not threatened and can perform and learn at his/her own pace.
  • To promote tolerance for diversity and difference in others while appreciating and acknowledging one’s own identity.
  • To prepare and awaken curiosity for learning in the next stage.
  • The goal of all our programs is a healthy young person, both in mind and body. Learning happens naturally when the child feels accepted and secure.

A principle that will be ingrained is the need to be kind to nature as it is to us.

More details at www.littleredhen.in

The Little Red Hen Pre-School, Kothanur : An Overview


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