The Little Red Hen Team

Sheila Marie-Khattri

Sheila Marie Khattri - Little Red International Pre-SchoolSheila Marie is a graduate from the Magadh University Bodh-Gaya, and comes with years of experience of working with children. She is a natural, when it comes to developing and executing lesson plans featuring age-appropriate activities geared towards stimulating the interest of children in a fun, warm and exciting atmosphere. We feel her special ability lies in devising surprisingly simple yet innovative ways to get children play and learn while strengthening their skills. Sheila Marie also worked as a Center Manager of a reputed day care where she oversaw the administration of the center operations, before joining us.

One of her favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Arifa Sultana

Arifa Sultana - Little Red Hen International Pre School teamArifa Sultana is Montessori-trained, and here, in her own words, are the guiding principles that makes her an all-time favorite with the Little Red Hens – “I choose to be a teacher as I love working with children and achieving meaningful access to education. It is widely acknowledged that teachers have a pivotal role in the development of an inclusive education system. As said by Swami Vivekananda “Teacher qualification and training coupled with a high morale and positive perception of the academic ability of the learners constitute a powerful set of factors determining the learning levels of the children”.

Sunitha Chauhan

SUNITA CHAUHAN-LIttle Red Hen InternationalSunita is an extremely skilled, soft spoken, a teacher with a halo. She has a knack of turning a gloomiest day into a bright happy day for children. She is post graduate and nursery trained teachers having four years of experience in pre-primary level who loves to be surrounded by kids.Her objective is to possess a positive and effective teaching style with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty. Her expertise lies in paying attention to each child as per their needs to bring out their full potential.

Mary Margaret

MARY MARGARET-Little Red Hen InternationalMary works as a school nurse and a teaching assistant too. She has 14 years of experience as a qualified nurse. She is a caring person. Children effortlessly take on to her charm and affection. Mary supports children in their learning activities with patience and ease. She works closely with her teachers to make sure children have a safe and a caring setting around them.


Sandhya The youngest in the Team, it is also Sandhya’a first experience as an assistant Pre-School teacher. In her own words, ” I supervise children closely by keeping all children in sight. I assist the head teacher in developing and implementing a program of activities that promotes the social, emotional and physical development of each child enrolled in the class. I also maintain appropriate records of attendance and activities.”


MaryMary is our pillar of support in the day-to-day functioning of Little Red Hen. As our Support staff member since inception, she ensures a clean, safe and tidy environment for the smooth functioning of the Little Red Hen International Pre-School.


PAVITHRA-Little-Red-henPavithra is a dedicated support staff and works relentlessly in keeping our environment safe and hygienic.
She always ensures that every child’s belongings are taken care of and are safely tucked away in their bags when they go home.


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